Wedding Smashers Part 1

A BrazzersExxtra video

Jun 11, 2021 (1060) 3/5 (1)

► When LaSirena69 is your bridesmaid, you should know to lock up your groom. With her big Natural Tits and perfectly round and deadly ass, she's heaps of trouble. Jenna Foxx is getting ready for her wedding to Xander Corvus when LaSirena shows up with pervy plans. LaSirena gifts Jenna a new toy, but Jenna's jitters get in the way of all the fun. Xander's a classic horndog and can't resist LaSirena's slutty ways, so he sneaks her off to his room for a pre wedding romp. Little do they know they're being spied on by one of the bride's ex-girlfriends and she's got her camera pointed right at their hot fucking action.

Duration: 31:07


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