Behind The Curtain 2

A HotAndMean video

31 March, 2021 (796)

►It's Codi Vore's birthday and her girlfriend Jenna Foxx has decided to spoil her with a couples massage. They playfully strip naked in front of each other, before sexy masseuse Madi Meadows enters. Madi is horny and into both girls, so she decides to throw a little extra love into her massages. She oils up Codi and Jenna, then alternates between massaging them... getting more and more intimate as she goes. Codi and Jenna can't initially see what Madi is doing to the other girl, thanks to some carefully placed curtains, but Jenna eventually catches Madi eating Codi's pussy. Rather than get mad that the masseuse is pleasuring her girlfriend, Jenna joins in and it becomes a hot, oily lesbian threesome.

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