Disciplining Their Sugar Daddy

A BrazzersExxtra video

Oct 24, 2019 (1969) 3/5 (2)

► The only thing more difficult than juggling multiple Sugar Babies is keeping them apart, especially when they have the same expensive tastes. Well-intentioned Sugar Daddy Keiran Lee runs into one such problem when he accidentally double-books shopping dates with Bella Rolland and LaSirena69 – two Sugar Babies who don’t take kindly to being second fiddle. When Keiran struts into a store with Bella on his arm, LaSirena’s enthusiastic entry shortly after has Keiran frantically trying to keep them apart. But his planned exit gets thwarted, and with two raging Sugar Babies on his hands, Keiran’s only real option is to satisfy both of them with his cock.

Duration: 32:37


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